Ionithermie is a 5 in 1 treatment for cellulite and slimming. Imported from France, this treatment is now available in Australia, and the results are amazing with clients losing up to 20 cm in one treatment! Not only does Ionithermie visibly reduce cellulite, it can also firm and sculpt your body’s trouble spots including bottom, tummy, love handles, bust and upper arms.

Developed by a French biochemist, Ionithermie has been used for many years in Europe, the UK and the United States. It is different from other cellulite treatment products on the market as it uses Galvanic & Faradic stimulation applied to algae and clay which are full of trace minerals and amino acids that work with the body to detoxify and maximise cell function.

Ionithermie in your salon

Ionithermie produces instant and dramatic results for your clients which are enhanced and sustained in between salon treatments by the use of Ionithermie Home Care products. Salon treatments are performed with a small hand held machine that is both easy to store and portable. Dedicated salon space is not required. When you purchase Ionithermie by Body Elite for your salon, you have the best possible start including installation, full training, technical and marketing support.

Best of all, Ionithermie is possibly the lowest cost slimming and cellulite treatment system currently available and you will see a return on your investment with as little as 4 clients*. The Home Care Products are also available through Body Elite at a reasonable cost with recommended retail prices that allows your salon a generous profit!

* Based on the recommended average of 10 treatments per client at a metropolitan area salon. Figures may vary for salons outside of metropolitan areas.

Body Elite

Body Elite is the exclusive distributor of Ionithermie in Australia and New Zealand. Call us now for a free, no obligation consultation so we can demonstrate how Ionithermie will work for you and your clients.

Claudia Calisto

(Dip.Nut., Dip.RM, ACNT) is a renowned nutritionist, massage and beauty therapist. As Director of Body Elite she has been trained in France as an Ionithermie specialist and proudly brings this fantastic treatment to Australia. Claudia also manages her own natural therapies practice which specialises in weight loss and has an impressive clientele including celebrities, models, actors and dancers as well as business women, mothers and children.

As a part of her work as a nutritionist, Claudia sees the side effects of poor eating habits and food choices – an epidemic in the 21st Century. She believes in using food as medicine and has designed The Eat Right Plan™ which is a simple, wholesome and nutritionally balanced approach to eating.

The Eat Right Plan

The Eat Right PlanTM is tailored to suit the individual and works with their blood chemistry reversing excess body fat and assisting in the control of diseases associated with poor nutrition. By using The Eat Right Plan™, Claudia’s clients find themselves losing weight, feeling more energetic and better than they have in years by restoring their body’s natural harmony and balance.

Claudia says, "the Eat Right Plan is not difficult or expensive nor are there special foods or contracts you need to purchase; it is merely modifying the types of foods you eat and when you eat so they work best with your blood’s unique chemistry. The Eat Right Plan does not leave you feeling hungry – instead you will feel energised, motivated, sleep better and maintain an inner calm. The plan may also be combined with natural supplements".

Ionithermie Treatments

Even if you are happy with your weight, this plan used in conjunction with a natural treatment such as Ionithermie can assist you in reducing body fat and other problems such as cellulite and fluid retention.

Claudia also recommends The Eat Right Plan™ for clients undertaking Ionithermie treatments. "Incorporating the right diet is essential to maximise and gain long term, sustainable results from your Ionithermie treatments". Included in the total service, salons and spas that provide Ionithermie treatments are also trained by Claudia to assist their clients with The Eat Right PlanTM, thus providing them with the knowledge and assurance of delivering the very best value to their customers.

If you would like to find out how you can be yourself and nothing more contact Claudia on 0433 722 639 or email [email protected]