Ionithermie is the only cosmeceutical treatment to extract toxins from the sub-dermis to reduce the appearance of cellulite, with the added benefit of slimming and leaving the skin smoother and more toned! The treatment gives immediate, sustainable, clinically-proven loss of up to 20 cm.

Ionithermie is the only patented treatment clinically proven to emulsify toxins at the cellular level. There is no equivalent treatment on the market that can achieve this.

Ionithermie is a Five-in-One Corrective Treatment that:

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Improves and smoothes the skin texture
  • Slims and contours the body with potential loss of 2-20 cm on the very first treatment!
  • Firms and tones the muscles, lifting slackened areas and flattening the abdomen
  • Increases circulation and metabolism

Find out more by reading the Ionthermie brochure (PDF)

What is Ionithermie and how does it work?

Ionithermie involves the use of a hand-held device which transmits two gentle forms of low-level electrical stimuli, accompanied with algae and thermal clay. To achieve and maintain the best results Ionithermie treatments are supported with Home Care products.

The treatments are provided in spas, salons, physicians' offices and cruise ships around the world by certified Ionithermie therapists.

Step 1

After a consultation, your therapist will measure above the knee, middle thigh, upper thigh, hips, abdomen, upper waist and/or the arms, depending upon your customized program.

Step 2

Your therapist will apply the active ingredients to the body.

Step 3

A warm blue clay is applied and the Galvanic and Faradic stimuli is activated propelling the active ingredients into the areas being treated.

Step 4

Your therapist will remeasure your body in the same places and record the results.

Step 5

At the end both you and your therapist will discuss the results and the Ionithermie products that should be used as part of your customized program.

Step 6

For maximum benefits after your first treatment you will apply the homecare every morning for 12 – 96 days depending on your program.

Ionithermie has been proven in independent clinical studies* to:

  • Flush the extra-cellular matrix through a process biochemists term "electrophoresis", in which low-level electric stimulation carries positively and negatively charged particles through a substance.
  • Penetrate all-natural products deep into the fatty tissue layers of the skin, resulting in “lipolysis” (the breakdown of fat)
  • Cause gentle electro-stimulation to the underlying muscles in the area being treated to help tone and sculpt the area – the same type of muscle treatment used by physiotherapists and chiropractors.
  • Increase the amount of capillaries in the skin, increasing circulation and nutrients at the cellular level, and improving the removal of toxins and wastes.
  • Result in an immediate and sustainable loss of up to 20 cm per treatment

* Studies were carried out in France in 2001, and in the U.S. in 2005

Ionithermie is the only treatment on the market to incorporate the following 5 components into one unique, patented procedure

Micronized Algae

Aids in re-mineralizes with iodine, calcium, magnesium and iron to boost the metabolism. Algae contain natural trace elements and minerals that are essential for cellular function; and when combined with heat lymphatic drainage results.

Conductive Thermal Aroma Clay

This is Ionithermie’s heat and current-conducting clay masque which transmits the galvanic and faradic stimuli over the entire treatment area. The clay contains cypress and pine essential oils to balance the body’s hormones and act as a natural diuretic - helping to flush excess fluids from tissues. It also creates warmth and relaxation and is emotionally uplifting.

Galvanic Stimulation

This has been used in beauty treatments for decades. It uses negative and positive ions to propel products into the deeper layers of the skin - far deeper than through massage or by applying heat. Galvanic stimulation is one of the few ways to stimulate lymphatic circulation, which is the body's built-in cellular waste disposal system. As we age, our lymph becomes sluggish and our body is far less able to rid itself of toxins.

Faradic Stimulation

This stimulates the muscles and is used by medical physiotherapists and chiropractors to help restore weak or injured tissue. Faradic stimulation tones the muscles and is also popular for spot figure slimming.

Home Care Products

Ionithermie’s specialized professional product line, includes active ingredients like ivy, seaweed and amino acids to break down and disperse the wastes of cellulite. These are used in the salon treatments as well as in the Home Care products