I feel so refreshed after my Ionithermie treatments I also get the type of results that I like.


My skin looks and feels so amazing after these treatments and my clothes fit differently. The home kit products are easy to use and really make all the difference.


The treatment and product are so invigorating. Just the finishing touch I need to shed and keep off the extra centimetres in a hurry.


The perfect way to Detox and get back on track after a big night out.


I consider Ionithermie the most reliable treatment I’ve had so far, I call it my emergency ‘adjuster’ and the perfect way to shift fluid & reduce my tummy, waistline & thighs.


A very different and active type of treatment; a very invigorating experience… and the results are just fantastic.


I wanted to write to you to say thanks for bringing Ionithermie to the Penrith area. I am not embarrassed to wear my shorts this summer. My legs look great and they feel softer. I experienced the unexpected benefit of feeling better after my treatments. I would have to say this benefit is the one that keeps drawing me back for another treatment. Thanks again.


I had tried everything to improve my cellulite. I work out 4-5 times a week and watch my diet and I still hated to wear shorts or a bathing suit. After one Ionithermie detox treatment, I could see a noticeable improvement in the dimples in my legs. After 5 treatments, I had not only greatly improved the appearance of my cellulite, I had lost 17cm and 2 kg! I am now proud to wear shorts. Thanks so much!!


I am so pleased with the results of my Ionithermie treatments! I have tried everything to remove unwanted centimetres from my thighs as a result of the "over 40 syndrome"! This really works! My first treatment I lost 9½ cm! I have now had five treatments and my shorts that use to fit tightly around my legs are now visibly loose! Even my husband has noticed! I cannot get over how much better my legs look! I recommend your services to anyone who wants to look and feel great!